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Santa Claus and the Magic Miracle Powder

Εκδότης: Book Stage
Συγγραφείς: Evangelia Strati
ISBN: 978-960-9627-05-4
Ημερομηνία: 6/12/2012
Santa Claus and the Magic Miracle Powder
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Santa Claus has twenty days and eight hours before the Holy Night in order to solve a horrible problem…
The children learned to see everything seriously and in their letters they do not ask for the things they used to.
And this is because they have lost their laughter, their joy and, what’s worse, their faith in miracles!!!
In such a serious problem I can say only three words: Magic Miracle Powder!
(Ssssh..., I will surely tell you the secret recipe!)
This is how Santa Claus using his Magic Miracle Powder managed to give back to the children their lost innocence, their carefree and delighted laughter, their faith in miracles.
Life itself is a great miracle after all, isn’t it?
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