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Εκδότης: Τουμπής Μιχάλης Α.Ε.
Συγγραφείς: Κ.Α. Κατσουρός, Σ.Α. Κατσουρού
Ημερομηνία: 4/12/2015
6,99 €
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Naxos had always been known to archaeologists, historians, folklorists and to all those able to discover something magical wherever they may be. It was, and is, unknown to the crowds of foreign tourists who flock to it in the summer and even unknown to a large number of its own people, who, tied up in the daily life of the countryside, don’t have time and are unable to get to know it better or to appreciate it fully. For one truly to get to know Naxos, one must be inclined to travel throughout the island, to leave the well-known roads of Hora and to enter its heartland, to pass through the Gialos Gate that leads to the old marketplace and the gates of the castle and from there to enter the medieval town of Marco Sanudo. One must leave Hora in order to explore the hinterland.
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