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SANTORINI - Yesterday and today

Εκδότης: Τουμπής Μιχάλης Α.Ε.
Συγγραφείς: Γ.Ι. Αλεξάκης
Ημερομηνία: 8/12/2015
SANTORINI - Yesterday and today
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Santorini is not simply an island; Santorini never lived or evolved as the surrounding islands did. History, along with its inhabitants and their works, were buried in the depths of the earth to be reborn, and not just once! This is why it is like no other island. It is something separate, alone, living in its own way. Even its people are different, and they themselves say “We are not people, we are Santorinians”. This is why it is not described in the usual ways. In order to describe it, you must search deep and, in searching, fall in love with and believe in it. In order to transmit the unique feeling of this island, you must communion with the wealth, the history and geological sensitivity of the landscape.
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