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The Ari

Εκδότης: AKAKIA Publications
Συγγραφείς: Michael Nikolakis
ISBN: 978-1-911352-26-6
Ημερομηνία: 25/5/2016
The Ari
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"The most famous Kabbalist of all times, Isaac Luria or known as the Ari (the Lion), came to this world to teach the wisdom of Kabbalah to one student only, Chaim Vital. As the Ari did not physically write anything, his student Chaim was the only person who recorded the teachings. Years later, his son Shmuel Vital edited and published the writings that we have now. However, some of the deepest secret writings were buried with Chaim in his grave. Against his father's will, Shmuel digged out the secret writings... Shmuel is the narrator of his father's and the Ari's story. This is the story of teacher and student moving through different stages in their spiritual development in order to reach the ultimate goal: Final Redemption - meaning, to bring Messiah, to bring the end of pain and suffering in the world. Will they achieve their purpose?"
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