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Sky and Sea Shadows

Εκδότης: AKAKIA Publications
Συγγραφείς: Antigoni Pantelouri-Drakou
Ημερομηνία: 30/5/2016
Sky and Sea Shadows
5,00 €
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This novel is partly based on the true story told in Antigone Pantelouri Drakou's book "Life with an angel” (A-Ω Publications). Other elements of the work come from creative imagination. It recounts how our heroine experiences love on different levels of human consciousness. There is the passionate love story of her youth and the strange games of fate which lead to unforeseen developments, as well as her experiencing the selfless love of a son - that she reciprocates with unconditional understanding, perseverance, persistence and patience. Incredibly testing situations, many ventures, unbearable pain, but together with joyful moments, help her to eventually emerge a better person. The indomitable force of love, however, claims and embraces her once more, giving her the strength and courage to continue to smile...
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