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Leukoma 800 pages - Photos 1.153 - dimensions 25cm x 25cm

Εκδότης: Φιλότυπον Α.Ε
ISBN: 978-960-9464-24-6
Ημερομηνία: 13/7/2017
19,99 €
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Scheria, Koryfo, Corfu.
Three names, three different aspects of the single,
incessant course of Corfu over the centuries.
Corfu of the myths, the Venetian Renaissance,
the British greatness, the emerald olive groves, the blue seas.
Corfu of the tourist tide, Corfu of modern Greece and modern Europe,
benevolent fate, always in the forefront of history.
This album «Corfu Panorama»
(Corfu, Paxoi, Antipaxos, Mathraki, Othoni, Ereikoussa)
a collective effort and diligence of Chris Antipas
aims at highlighting the profile of the island of Corfu,
as it was shaped over the centuries.
The incomparable beauty of the landscape of Corfu,
its glorious past and its diverse present of the island
compose the uniqueness of Corfu.
Our ambition is that the reading of this album will motivate you
to visit the island and experience all these
excitements that it can so generously offer you.
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