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Εκδότης: FNL
Τελευταίο Τεύχος: 2020/04/02
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The FNL Athens Restaurants Guide is an expertly curated, insider’s guide to the top restaurants in town, based on the results of the 2019 FNL Best Restaurant Awards. Since its online debut nine years ago, the Food ’N Leisure Guide has become a reliable, prestigious source of information on the Greek and, also, the international gastronomic scene, coming to even greater prominence in 2016, with the establishment of the FNL Best Restaurant Awards, an annual celebration of the country’s most exciting and high-quality restaurants. Despite the surge of gastronomic activity outside it, Athens is still the hub of the Greek food scene. In recent years, the Greek capital has, perhaps with a slight time-lag, been tuned in to the developments in the international gastronomic scene. Although there is a shortage of traditional, quality tavernas, vibrant Athens is home to exciting Street food spots, sultry contemporary bistros, Oriental fusion concepts, game-changing restaurants, serving up Greek cuisine with a modern edge, and even a smaller but dynamic fine dining scene. Be it stripped down flavours or a more intricate cuisine you are after, I am confident that this guide will prove invaluable to you during your culinary exploration of the city, introducing your palate to thrills it might never have known otherwise. In order to always keep you in the know, the FNL Athens Guide will be updated yearly, as soon as the results of our awards are announced. Be prepared for culinary greatness, Panos Deligiannis FNL Cofounder & Editor in Chief